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Nosotros no somos Mackenzie Foy , no tenemos ningún contacto con ella, sus padres o agentes. Somos un fansite hecho por fans para fans que admiramos el trabajo de Mackenzie . Si tu tomas alguna foto exclusiva de nuestra galeria por favor danos creditos.


Check out the all-new poster for Black Beauty


We also got the official trailer for Mackenzie´s new film, Black Beauty. Mackenzie look amazing and her voice is so adorable in the trailer! I hope we can see more about!




With the new adaptation of Black Beauty coming to Disney Plus, director Ashley Avis and actors Kate Winslet, Iain Glen, and Mackenzie Foy prove there are still good horse movies to be made. “When our producers wanted to remake Black Beauty, they wanted two things: to modernize the story and to make Black Beauty female,” says Ashley Avis, who directed and wrote the screenplay for the new adaptation of the classic horse tale due out on Disney Plus late this year. The producers got their wish — and more. Produced by Constantin Film and JB Pictures, the newly reimagined Black Beauty revolves around a wild mustang born in the American West, captured, and taken from her family; and Jo Green, a 17-year-old girl grieving the loss of both parents, who is healed by the horse-human bond. It stars Oscar winner Kate Winslet, voicing the inner thoughts of the horse; Mackenzie Foy (Interstellar) as Jo Green; and Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) as horse whisperer John Manly. “Having grown up with the book, which had such a big impact on my life, I wanted to honor as many parallels as I could find in a modern light — the original characters, the messages,” Avis says. “What I didn’t want to do was just take the idea and change everything.” She struggled the most with the origin of the titular horse: “What would be the parallel now of an 1800s carriage horse in London?” In researching Anna Sewell’s 1877 novel, Avis discovered that the English writer’s mission was to improve the treatment of horses of her day by writing a story that would help people empathize with the plight of the animals in Victorian England. “She was a trailblazer for the horses of her time,” Avis says. “Reading about the wild-horse issue and what is going on now, I felt like we could do the same thing with Black Beauty, to help horses of our time. In our version, Beauty was born a wild horse, was rounded up in the American West, and taken away from her family. She then goes to Birtwick Stables, and we introduce the world of those characters from the book in more a modern light.” Sewell’s novel is now almost 150 years old. Although she intended it for adults — mainly to engender kindness and sympathy in people who worked with horses in Victorian England — it’s today considered a children’s classic and remains a bestselling children’s novel. One of the first novels in the English language to be told from an animal’s point of view, the story foreshadowed natural horsemanship in its advocacy for kinder, gentler treatment of horses and its view that animals are not just beasts of burden but sentient beings who are able to develop a rapport with humans.


Shooting the beach scene that director Ashley Avis first envisioned when she was developing the Black Beauty screenplay presented a logistical puzzle. Given the tight production schedule, both predawn and sunset shoots would have to happen the same day.

“The day we decided to shoot the beach at dawn and dusk required two units, but we only had one horse team,” Avis says. “The opening of the film is Beauty running on the beach. In my mind, I wanted it to be before the sun rose. It’s light enough to have some ambience, but before the sun crests.”

Avis left for the set at 3 a.m.; horse trainer Cody Rawson-Harris and the horse team had gotten there an hour earlier. “I remember the southwest wind coming off the Atlantic Ocean,” Rawson-Harris says. “We had to get out on the beach and start doing the runs. We already had it set up with the horse running and the drone when Ashley arrived.”

The day’s agenda also included a sunset scene. “I really wanted to get Mackenzie [Foy] with her arms outstretched as if she could fly [riding Black Beauty] with the sun as that molten ball,” Avis says. “South African sunsets are so spectacular. At the same time, I wanted to capture the big drone shots. You can’t shoot that all at once. What we did in sunset, in theory, we should have done at the beginning of the day too.”

There were two portions of the beach — one public, one private — roughly 20 minutes apart due to the terrain. “The private beach had more curvature to it and was really picturesque,” Avis says. “It was very sequestered. You can feel the ancient energy of it. We had one unit there at sunset with the drone. We had our stunt-double actress, Cheyenne de Beer, who was brilliant, riding Spirit.”


Mackenzie Foy is confirmated to be in The Kelly Clarkson Show next week. Thursday 19th November, 2020.

We had some complications with the host, we decided to move and here we are back again. During this time we will continue updating the gallery…


Mackenzie attended a fashion show for Rodarte for the fashion week! She wear a dress from Rodarte and she look amazing and elegant.

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Hey everyone! As you already know Mackenzie is turning 18 on 10TH November and we want to make a super special birthday project, this is why Marvelous Mackenzie, Mackenzie Foy Net and Mackenzie Foy Online we are working together to make a bigger project, here we airm to collect as many messages, graphics and videos as possible for Mackenzie’s 18TH birthday. The past 6 years we created birthday videos with submissions from fans all the world.
Mackenzie saw and loved them!(She tweeted about)
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More Editorials!!! Mackenzie is featuring in the october/november issue of Seventeen USA.

Mackenzie was featuring in Glamour Spain, I’ve translated the Interview. Thanks to Katie for the Scans.

Royal Mackenzie

Seven years after playing the charismatic daughter of the Cullens, the actress becomes Disney Princess, her first leading role in a remake of the Nutcracker. Moving ahead of the sweetest trend of the season, we spoke with her exclusively in Los Angeles, her home.

Melrose Place blooms in summer with tourists, luxury stores are flirtatious in front of newcomers and the coffee shop are flooded with foreign accents. In one of the adjacent streets, far from glances and curious, I meet Mackenzie at Alfred’s Tea and Coffee. The appointment is early, at ten, and although I try to move forward, she is already there when I arrive. Foy is accompanied by her mother and the two, timid, welcome me. It is curious to see a teenager like Mackenzie, about to release one of the autumn blockbusters, dressed so innocent, so casual, so desperately trying to go unnoticed. We sat at the table furthest away from the tumult. His mother remains in another, close, attentive to each response, educated in the distance. Foy is cordial, sparse in words, mysterious, yet unconnected to success and fame with a slightly exaggerated innocence for a city like Los Angeles, where the auditions strengthen the actors . At another table, a young woman about thirteen years old does not stop looking at her, she strategically sits down to listen with admiration to every word. Tactically discreet, the interview becomes the object of curiosity of the few trausers, the mother of the artist and the fan. A fun meeting.

Few will remember the debut of Mackenzie Foy in the cinema when it was released as Renesmee Cullen, the daughter of Edward and Bella in the Twilight saga. Since then, this promise of cinema has been climbing its place, strengthening its reputation until getting The Nutcracker and The Four Realms with Keira Knightley and Helen Mirren. Model of Chanel and the next princess of Disney, Mackenzie Foy allowed us to enter her universe, pose for Glamour exclusively and remind us why she is destined to be a great star in Hollywood.

Glamour: How was the photo session with Glamor?
Mackenzie: It was really fun to do it. I had the opportunity to put on fantastic clothes. It’s one of my first shoots promoting the movie. I’m excited about the premiere of Nutcracker, wanting to share the film with everyone. It is a very exciting time in my life.

Glamour: Is your first character protagonist?
Mackenzie: Yes, it was a long process to get the character. First I sent a recorded tape that I made and then I was summoned to London for a test already with costumes and makeup. I was super nervous. Afterwards, I participated again in an audition through Skype and then another test. It was exhausting, but I got it.

Glamour: What does it mean for you to work with Keira Knightley and Helen Mirren?
Mackenzie: They’re wonderful. Really lovely ladies. I liked acting with them and living within the reality of the story at their side. I learned a lot from both.

Glamour: I read that the director counted on your opinion to mold Clara.
Mackenzie: Yes. I collaborated with the director to create Clara’s personality and its peculiarities. I wanted us to work together to investigate the character’s story: his past, his present and his future.

Glamour: Do you distinguish the elements of your personality that you share with Clara?
Mackenzie: Yes, No doubt your passion for adventure and your creativity.

Glamour: Does your character have something of Alice in Wonderland?
Mackenzie: Both share the same wavelength, but honestly, I think Clara is a unique character and the story too.

Glamour: Did you always want to become a Disney princess?
Mackenzie: I’m a big Disney fan. All my family lives obsessed with Disney and participating in a film of this company makes me feel very proud.

Glamour: How do you adapt the idea of a Disney princess to the present?
Mackenzie: Clara is a strong woman and it is wonderful to interpret her in the times we live. Showing the strength of youth in these moments is really important, we can all get what we want if we listen to our hearts.

Glamor: Do you feel like her, looking for your place?
Mackenzie: It’s being a great adventure. I started posing for small catalogs and, little by little, I have evolved. I feel inside a very crazy, wonderful dream. I’ve always wanted to be an actress, to succeed. My heart is in the cinema. It’s something I love and love since childhood.

Glamour: What else do you enjoy about being an actress?
Mackenzie: The fact that I can be anything, transform myself into another person, travel to different worlds. I can even save the world. Those experiences, all together, you can only get them by acting. Also, I like to create and share stories.

Glamour: What is your relationship with social networks?
Mackenzie: They have always been present in my life and I try to use them being authentic and not letting myself be deceived. I never forget that. If you keep a routine, things work.

Glamour: What did you feel when Chanel called you and invited you to his parades?
Mackenzie: My God! It was sensational. The best moment of my life. I met Ellie, who also appears in the movie. It was my third catwalk, but everything seemed new to me. The energy of the show was amazing, very exciting, elegant and fun. I loved. In addition, I learned a lot from the history of the firm. I did not know much of the details.

Glamour: Is it important for you to finish your studies?
Mackenzie: Yes. I still have one more year left at school and then I would like to direct. It is something that makes me very excited. I want to learn and learn. The reason why I have not started is because I want to concentrate on my studies, give them the necessary attention and then continue my career. I’ve been reading scripts and books to adapt and create a script, but I have not started yet.

Glamour: Do you usually seek the advice of the directors with whom you work?
Mackenzie: All the time. In the shootings I am forced to split between classes and filming, so I do not have much time. But, sometimes, I sit down with the filmmakers to explain their work to me. I like to learn by their side, to tell me what they think, the movies they like or how they learned their trade.

Glamour: Is it easy to go to school being famous?
Mackenzie: At school everyone knows me as Kenzie and my friends are a big part of my life. They are lovely and have accompanied me since I was a child.

Glamour: Do you ignore the fact of having fans and being famous?
Mackenzie: No. What happens is that I do not consider myself famous, my followers are adorable, sweet and fun. I have come to know some of them, I share photos with them and I have a direct relationship. I like to be close to my followers.

Glamour: Does fame scare you?
Mackenzie: Actually, I’ve never thought about her. I was very young when I shot Twilight and I never thought it would be. I like being an actress for what she represents, for telling stories, not for being famous or achieving success.

Glamour: You were born and grew up in L.A.
Mackenzie: Yes, it’s a great city, fun, but terribly hot, especially in summer. Here is a contagious creativity. I enjoy reading in the coffee shop, right now I am obsessed with that and spend the evenings with my friends in bookstores with coffee. My favorite is The Last Bookstore in Downtown.

Glamor: What else do you like to do to entertain yourself?
Mackenzie: I do taekwondo with my friends, we are a group that we have grown practically and it is very fun. Thanks to my classes I have learned Korean.

Glamour: How long have you been in the discipline?
Mackenzie: About ten years, I’ve already got my black belt. I love. It is an important part of my life. I take classes for one hour or an hour and a half five days a week, they are my second family. I have learned to keep my body and mind in sync, something that helps me in my interpretation especially in the action scenes. It takes a lot of resistance to endure them.

Glamour: Your parents protect you very much.
Mackenzie: I have great parents, they have their feet on the ground and they are very calm. My mother comes with me where I am going.

Glamour: Are you becoming an instagram figure?
Mackenzie: I like to write post that makes me laugh, like what I upload with my dog. Anything that makes me happy and that I think people will like.