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Are you a frequent visitor to Simply Mackenzie? Have any photos, captures, etc that you see missing in our gallery that you would like to donate to the site? If so, feel free to send them our way. If you would rather donate multimedia or videos, that is welcome as well! Remember to include how you would like credited in the email along with the donation.
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Simply Mackenzie

Nosotros no somos Mackenzie Foy , no tenemos ningún contacto con ella, sus padres o agentes. Somos un fansite hecho por fans para fans que admiramos el trabajo de Mackenzie . Si tu tomas alguna foto exclusiva de nuestra galeria por favor danos creditos.


Is already for another update! Mackenzie Foy is featured in the September issue of Vogue Italia  and one new picture of mackenzie have popped up online. The photoshoot was taken by Michel Comte for Vogue Italia. I absolutely love it!! Here is the note in the magazine:


There is a time in every woman’s life when awareness
self takes body and soul, while the living aspirations and happiness
appear on the horizon, to chase and catch up on the ridge
of an intense decade. For girls portrayed in these
pages it all happened earlier, and with a frenzy that
remember or which already look incredulous, without even
ask what dowry he has pushed the destinies: imperious beauty
but out of the norm, classic talents, skills as Millennials,
determination or maybe just luck? To MacKenzie
Foy is a typical path of the child stars of Hollywood cinema:
spotted by a talent scout, starts as a baby model
going from commercials to TV series. The fame comes with
the film of the last decade phenomenon “Twilight,” where is the daughter
demi-vampire Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and consolidates
this season with the blockbuster “Interstellar”. She
But it has nothing of teen starlets: the free look
of malice, to 16 years she has a beauty already full but still discreet
and one bon ton style in his daily life as a student,
as well as on the red carpets of film festivals, distinguishes
by peers.




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