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Thanks to Katalin we have a new/old interview from The little Prince. Misfortune we could not obtain or observe the video of this interview, but I hope that soon we can do. For now here is the interview and a photo:

PS: Link back to and credits to Katalin


LOS ANGELES (text / c III) in May this year in Cannes when Tencent entertainment have the opportunity to interview the film “Little Prince” small girl’s voice by Mackenzie Foy . The name perhaps another public feel strange, but if the reference to “Interstellar”, then perhaps we will have some impressions. Yes, this year, just turned 15 years old, she is in the “Interstellar” inside, playing childhood Jessica Chastain little girl, and “father” actor Matthew McConaughey has wonderful scenes.

In our brief interview, she revealed on “The Little Prince” in love. She was responsible for dubbing the film a little girl, she is an excellent learning math Pa. But she shyly said he was particularly poor mathematics, but like astronomy and history, as a good memory.

Tencent Entertainment: your character with her mother relationship is very close, you have this feeling they feel about it?

Mackenzie Foy: I think they all love each other. Best of all mothers want to give the little girl, because she loved her too. So sometimes, the mother would behave a little bit too much. Sometimes the girl go out for fun to play, but the mother will make her homework. But from beginning to end, they have always loved each other.

Tencent Entertainment: You met in real life things like what?

Mackenzie Foy: No, my mother was not very busy, I told her a very good relationship.

Tencent Entertainment: Speaking of relations with the grandfather of the girl, how do you see?

Mackenzie Foy: That scene was really sad. I remember when they dub showed me a clip that is really touching, I was surprised. Relationship is like a little girl and grandfather and grandfather or granddaughter is a good friend, so their relationship is very close.

Tencent Entertainment: Your voice is what kind of process? Everyone recording, or separately recorded?

Mackenzie Foy: One time I was talking to Jeff Bridges recordings together, and sometimes there will be a large group of people together, sometimes only myself. To see who was in the studio.

Tencent Entertainment: What is your favorite scene?

Mackenzie Foy: I like the end of the part, I feel beautiful. I also like the part of the nebula change, because every time to see the time, I would like to make staff more time to make use of those pictures, amazing.

Tencent Entertainment: The first time you see this time how much of the novel?

Mackenzie Foy: how old do not remember specifically, but I was fourth grade. I really like this book. It’s about imagination, love, on your own heart and soul of a book that I really like.

Tencent Entertainment: “The Little Prince” there are a lot of planets, which one is your favorite?

Mackenzie Foy: I like the king that, I think he’s very funny.

Tencent Entertainment: Movie inside girl always doing the math, what your favorite subject? Most do not like it?

Mackenzie Foy: I do not like math, I like history and astronomy.

Tencent Entertainment: Which subjects do you get the highest score?

Mackenzie Foy: history of it, I really like history, but also like to see the history books.

Tencent Entertainment: So you must be a good memory?

Mackenzie Foy: Yes.

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