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Nosotros no somos Mackenzie Foy , no tenemos ningún contacto con ella, sus padres o agentes. Somos un fansite hecho por fans para fans que admiramos el trabajo de Mackenzie . Si tu tomas alguna foto exclusiva de nuestra galeria por favor danos creditos.


Mackenzie Foy photoshoot from L’Officiel February 2017 issue has been released. Mackenzie did the shoot when she was in London in collaboration with Emilio Pucci.

À 16 ans, Mackenzie Foy a déjà une carrière impressionnante. Enfant mannequin, elle faisait ses premiers pas devant les objectifs à 3 ans pour Ralph Lauren. Treize ans plus tard, elle tourne dans des blockbusters hollywoodiens et sera à l’affiche avec Keira Knightley, Morgan Freeman et la ballerine Misty Copeland dans l’adaptation de Casse-Noisette par Disney. Entre-temps, l’ado workaholic a tourné dans Interstellar, Twilight, a prêté sa voix pour le film Le Petit Prince tout en menant ses passages télé comme une pro – lorsque, par exemple, pour démontrer ses talents de ceinture noire de taekwondo, elle a fait une clef de bras au présentateur du Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon. Pour nous, c’est une seconde rencontre avec la demoiselle, qui faisait sa première couv’ avec L’Officiel Enfant en février 2013.

We just have 3 high quality photos.

Also we posted a video in our youtube account
















Thanks to Lasse Hallstrom we have this first picture of Mackenzie Foy from her new film The Nutcracker and The Four Realms.

@HallstromLasse: We just finished shooting THE NUTCRACKER in London. This is Mackenzie Foy who plays Clara. She will amaze you!

Hey guys! I just added two new editorial photoshoots to our gallery.
The first is from JALOUSE MAGAZINE, we only have one picture but I hope to post the full shoot soon.
The second, Thanks to Ashley we have two new photos from L’OFFICIEL february 2017 issue, shot by SARAH BLAIS. She is growing so fast, I can’t wait to see more pictures soon.
You are free to repost on your social media and web sites. PLEASE DON’T REMOVE THE TAG AND GIVE CREDIT. THANK YOU! ENJOY THE PICTURES!! 😀

I’ve added some new/old photos from Mackenzie Foy shoot in 2016 to our gallery. The photos were taken by Dani Brubaker. Mackenzie did the shoot the last february, 2016. Check all the new photos in our gallery now!

Mackenzie’s IMDb has been updated. Mackenzie look so beautiful and she is growing so fast. Enjoy these photos in our gallery!


Today is Mackenzie’s 16th Birthday! She is truly amazing and it has been an honor watching her grow. We will see her in a new movie soon!
Happy Birthday Mackenzie! We love you!

Thanks to fans all across the world, I have collected several videos, photos, messages, fan-art, and more to help wish Kenzie a very Happy Birthday. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who participated. I love your support and we know Mackenzie does, too!. So, here it is! The 2016 Birthday Project!

Thanks to Vogue Italia we have this video and some screencaps from Mackenzie . I absoluty love these. All these can be found in our Galley, check them out now!! I am sure you will love them!

Also we posted a video in our youtube account





Thanks to we have some new/old photos from Mackenzie Foy shoot Vogue Bambini in 2012. The photos were taken by Dani Brubaker.Enjoy these photos.


Is already for another update! Mackenzie Foy is featured in the September issue of Vogue Italia  and one new picture of mackenzie have popped up online. The photoshoot was taken by Michel Comte for Vogue Italia. I absolutely love it!! Here is the note in the magazine:


There is a time in every woman’s life when awareness
self takes body and soul, while the living aspirations and happiness
appear on the horizon, to chase and catch up on the ridge
of an intense decade. For girls portrayed in these
pages it all happened earlier, and with a frenzy that
remember or which already look incredulous, without even
ask what dowry he has pushed the destinies: imperious beauty
but out of the norm, classic talents, skills as Millennials,
determination or maybe just luck? To MacKenzie
Foy is a typical path of the child stars of Hollywood cinema:
spotted by a talent scout, starts as a baby model
going from commercials to TV series. The fame comes with
the film of the last decade phenomenon “Twilight,” where is the daughter
demi-vampire Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and consolidates
this season with the blockbuster “Interstellar”. She
But it has nothing of teen starlets: the free look
of malice, to 16 years she has a beauty already full but still discreet
and one bon ton style in his daily life as a student,
as well as on the red carpets of film festivals, distinguishes
by peers.




Actress Mackenzie Foy Explains How Tae Kwon Do Keeps Her Centered

Today an animated adaption of The Little Prince premieres on Netflix, featuring one very talented 15-year-old as its lead voice actor. Meet Mackenzie Foy, who you may recognize as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s young daughter in Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Having grown up dancing, Mackenzie turned to tae kwon do and found the sport equally satisfying for helping her develop incredible power, strength, and diligence. Oh, and did we mention she has a black belt, too? When she wasn’t showing us her high kicks and her nunchaku skills on set, Mackenzie chatted about what she learned while voicing her character in The Little Prince, The Little Girl.

“I used to be a dancer, but my studio closed, so I wanted to find something active that would be fun to do with my brother. In tae kwon do, we learn to be respectful to everyone. Respect is definitely something that I already had before going into tae kwon do, but it enhanced. And being able to do things under pressure is really important.”

“When I do tae kwon do, I feel happy. It’s a very safe place for me. I love being physically fit and being able to do kicks and real push-ups. If I ever was in danger, I could fight. I could protect myself or someone else. It actually took me six years to get my black belt. It taught me that getting what you want takes a lot of hard work and time.”

“I filmed The Little Prince for about four years on and off. It was really fun, and I have great memories. A lot happened in those four years: I mean, I aged significantly, I worked, the film changed. To get connected to the story, I read the original book and studied the personalities of The Little Prince and The Aviator so that way I could incorporate them into the role of The Little Girl because she is not a character out of the original series.”
“The Little Girl taught me to be hardworking and do what you need to do, but also have fun. You can be silly at times too. My character dealt with a lot of pressure at a young age. I can relate to that. We all deal with that. When I’m in a situation where I am under a lot of pressure, I usually just take a deep breath so I don’t get anxious. And my mantra when I practice tae kwon do? Don’t fall down.” — as told to Maddie Sensible.

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