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Nosotros no somos Mackenzie Foy , no tenemos ningún contacto con ella, sus padres o agentes. Somos un fansite hecho por fans para fans que admiramos el trabajo de Mackenzie . Si tu tomas alguna foto exclusiva de nuestra galeria por favor danos creditos.


Mackenzie attended the H&M X Erdem Runway show yesterday in LA! I’ve added 40+ HQ photos from the event to the gallery, and I’ll add more as they appear. All these can be found in our Gallery, check them out now!! I am sure you will love them!

Also we posted a video in our youtube account







Mackenzie Foy got to attend “Thor Ragnarok” world premiere, a Marvel movie. I’ve added 100+ photos to the gallery. All these can be found in our Gallery, check them out now!! I am sure you will love them!

Also we posted a video in our youtube account







Exciting news! Mackenzie Foy is starring a new short film called Misericordia. Screening and presentation at Garage Sanremo Milano Fashion Week on September 23, 2017 (5:30 PM -8:30 PM)

Great news!! Mackenzie was included in Refinery 29‘s top best younger actresses of 2017 Hollywood, from Generation Z.

From Renesmee Cullen to co-starring alongside Misty Copeland in next year’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.
Who do you consider a role model in your industry and why?
“I consider Yara Shahidi to be a role model in this industry because not only is she an extremely talented artist but she is also kind, smart, and funny. She’s a good person for young people to look up to. She shows people that anything is possible thorough hard work and kindness. On top of all of those wonderful qualities she’s incredibly smart. I have never met anyone who can even compare to her intelligence. Did I mention she’s going to Harvard?! She’s going to change the world. I’m proud to say that she’s one of my oldest friends and one of the coolest people I know.”
Who’s your celebrity crush?
“Dylan O’Brien.”
What do you wish people knew about you?
“My dad is teaching me how to drive a stick shift so that I have a better chance at surviving the zombie apocalypse.”


I’ve added a new picture of Ralph Lauren 2005 shoot. Mackenzie look so cute!
Also I’ve added Ralph Lauren 2014 spring catalog where we can see Mackenzie Ralph Lauren 2005 shoot. Enjoy!

001. Ralph Lauren Catalog (Spring 2014)

WOW! We finally have another new editorial shoot, this time for Numéro Tokyo! Mackenzie is on this months cover of the magazine, the magazine released just the cover. I´m in love with it, check the cover in the gallery and stay tuned for more about this shoot.
Photoshoot by Petra Collins.


“Numéro TOKYO” The cover of September issue of 2017 is decorated with expectant actress Mackenzie Foy who will be 17 years old this year. A fantastic fashion story wearing the Fall / Winter collection of 2017 realized special shooting with Petra Collins who was a cover girl in the July and August merger issue of 2017.

Mackenzie Foy started activities as a model from the age of 4 and began to walk along the actress path at the age of seven. She appeared in film directed by Christopher Nolan “Interstellar” (2014), took a lot of attention, and was selected as a starring in Disney’s latest movie to be released in 2018, one of the young actresses who can not keep an eye on now.
A fashion story she wears a look that appeared at the runway of the Fall Winter Collection of 2017, including fur hat of “Miu Miu” and “Hello girls shining sparkle” Chanel. Petra Collins is a creative fashion icon that works with photographers, models, curators and a wide range of activities. A fantastic worldview wrapped in Petra’s beautiful and mysterious light, and Mackenzie’s pure and transparent expression. Try stepping into the “fairy tale country” where the two who will lead the future will be fascinated.


I’ve added some scan pictures and an additional shoot picture, check it out in the gallery now!

Here are new candids of Mackenzie out in Oceanside last Saturday, she went to Kukkiwon cup 2017 supporting her Tae kwon do school.

Mackenzie attended Maie Claire “Fresh Faces” party in LA, I’ve added some photos from the event, and I’ll add more as they appear. Happy Saturday!!

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