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Simply Mackenzie

Nosotros no somos Mackenzie Foy , no tenemos ningún contacto con ella, sus padres o agentes. Somos un fansite hecho por fans para fans que admiramos el trabajo de Mackenzie . Si tu tomas alguna foto exclusiva de nuestra galeria por favor danos creditos.


Mackenzie attended the H&M X Erdem Runway show yesterday in LA! I’ve added 40+ HQ photos from the event to the gallery, and I’ll add more as they appear. All these can be found in our Gallery, check them out now!! I am sure you will love them!

Also we posted a video in our youtube account








I’ve added a new picture of Ralph Lauren 2005 shoot. Mackenzie look so cute!
Also I’ve added Ralph Lauren 2014 spring catalog where we can see Mackenzie Ralph Lauren 2005 shoot. Enjoy!

001. Ralph Lauren Catalog (Spring 2014)

WOW! We finally have another new editorial shoot, this time for Numéro Tokyo! Mackenzie is on this months cover of the magazine, the magazine released just the cover. I´m in love with it, check the cover in the gallery and stay tuned for more about this shoot.
Photoshoot by Petra Collins.


“Numéro TOKYO” The cover of September issue of 2017 is decorated with expectant actress Mackenzie Foy who will be 17 years old this year. A fantastic fashion story wearing the Fall / Winter collection of 2017 realized special shooting with Petra Collins who was a cover girl in the July and August merger issue of 2017.

Mackenzie Foy started activities as a model from the age of 4 and began to walk along the actress path at the age of seven. She appeared in film directed by Christopher Nolan “Interstellar” (2014), took a lot of attention, and was selected as a starring in Disney’s latest movie to be released in 2018, one of the young actresses who can not keep an eye on now.
A fashion story she wears a look that appeared at the runway of the Fall Winter Collection of 2017, including fur hat of “Miu Miu” and “Hello girls shining sparkle” Chanel. Petra Collins is a creative fashion icon that works with photographers, models, curators and a wide range of activities. A fantastic worldview wrapped in Petra’s beautiful and mysterious light, and Mackenzie’s pure and transparent expression. Try stepping into the “fairy tale country” where the two who will lead the future will be fascinated.


I’ve added some scan pictures and an additional shoot picture, check it out in the gallery now!

Here are new candids of Mackenzie out in Oceanside last Saturday, she went to Kukkiwon cup 2017 supporting her Tae kwon do school.

Mackenzie attended Maie Claire “Fresh Faces” party in LA, I’ve added some photos from the event, and I’ll add more as they appear. Happy Saturday!!

Thanks to a Japanese website we have three new photos of Mackenzie shooting with Rio Suzuki in Cannes. This shoot is adorable and they look so happy together. Enjoy it!

There is the artitle (I use Google Translator)

The two girls played girls aiming to enter the prestigious school and just studying hard to spare time to make friends. She and a strange grandfather who lives next door by paper airplane triggered her and heard stories about the “little prince” I met in the desert.

Suzuki (10 years old) who played the hero’s childhood in NHK continuous TV novel “Asa came” and Foy (15 years old) who played the role of the daughter of the hero in “Interstellar” directed by Christopher Nolan. The first impression of each other was “I thought it was very cute, it was a wonderful person with a really gentle feeling, I felt regrettable that I can not speak Japanese,” Fui said. Suzuki talks about “It is a beautiful person, I adore it,” Foy hugged Suzuki in spite of a slight shy embarrassment.

In this work, the two who aligned shoulder with luxurious actors and exquisitely expressed voices with various emotions. About Fukuoka recorded Foyu said, “Because it can not be expressed with your own body or expressions, it was difficult to tell how to convey feelings,” Suzuki says, “It is very difficult to say lines in line with the movements of anime’s mouth Especially the whispering scene was difficult because it had to pronounce clearly even with a small voice, “Foy also said,” Whispering, but it really was a different feeling was not difficult, “she nodded.

In “The Little Prince” there is a name phrase “important things can not be seen in the eyes”, but about Fui’s invisible important thing “For me it is love, even this work is drawn Although I am gone, and even if someone around me is gone, I will stay in my heart if there is love. “Suzuki says,” It is an effort. If you continue to make an effort Because we can meet people. “


Thanks to Natalya we have pictures of Jalouse Magazine, we can see 8 pictures and an article with a little interview. Mackenzie look so beautiful and she is growing so fast.
Enjoy the pictures and feel free to share in your social medias and websites.

There the article and interview in english:

It’s a big day for Mackenzie Foy. Haidressing, make-up, pictures then interview, since 8 in the morning, she’s working hard. Nothing that worries the cutie, who’s used to all this. Now 16 years old, works since she’s a toddler. He rfirst shooting was for Ralph Lauren. Already classy. She remember just bits of it.
“I was really very young”, she says. But she remember that she instantly loved the job. This impression the “you could do anything, become anybody…” It clicked. So she carried on with modeling and tried advertising, and the movie industry. Today, she shares a cinema set with Morgan Freeman, Keira Knightley and the ballerina Misty Copeland for the new version of The Nutbreaker by Disney. Mackenzie is Clara, the little girl who must keep a nubreaker in the shape of a soldier. It springs into life, face en evil seven-headed mouse and takes Clara in a world full of animated dolles and gingerbread people. Love, magic and Christmas spirit. If Disney can be some sort of consecration for her, Mackenzie is not stranger to blockbusters and five star castings. Before exchanging lines with Morgan Freeman, she was in Interstellar Murphy Cooper, daughter of Joseph Cooper, a brave astronaut played by Matthew McConaughey, left in an intergalactic journey to save mankind. She also was in Twilight, chapters 4 and 5. And TV shows like Hawaii 5-0, independent movies like Wish You Well…
In 2015, she was the voice of a little girl in the acclaimed animated movie The Little Prince, a little girl who is prepared to be the perfect adult when she discovers the poetic and strange adventure of the Little Prince thanks to her aviator neighbor. And her, did she ever wanted to have a simpler childhood ? “I am happy and proud of everything I done”, she says. “I think I had a normal childhood. I just travelled more than other kids.”
Mackenzie don’t say much about herself. Her mother, who accompanied her for the shooting, warned us. Boys ? No time for them. Her friends ? They are here, neither models nor actresses, and not impressed in the slightest to see their friend playing in Twilight with teenage idol Kristen Stewart. “They just say congratulations and come with us, we’re going out.” explains Mackenzie. That’s all she’s gonna say about her social life. A restraint and self discipline that the young girl maybe learned from her practice in the martial arts. When she’s not making a movie, she trains rigorously in taekwondo, at a rate of six or seven evenings a week. “I love the idea of taking care of your own body and your mind.”, she says. She’s a black belt. In 2014, she prove her skills to Jimmy Fallon on the set of the Tonight Show. “I think I hurt him a little”, she laughs.
Focused, Mackenzie follows her own path. Her new objective : directing. She ask for advices on her different movie shootings. “I’m interested in how they succeed in getting all my emotions.”, she says. Best advice so far : “Bill Condon, the Twilight director, told me that there was no need to cry to be sad, no need to shout to be angry.”
In five years, Mackenzie will be 21 years old. Where does she think she will be then ? Making another movie probably. Maybe behind the camera. Or ” With my cats while reading a book.” Definitely, it was a long day.

Mackenzie Foy, 16, Disney’s Little Prodigy. Debuts crashing in “Twilight” and “Interstellar”. The prettiest new face of American cinema. She’s the silent kind, but beware of the sleeping water. As soon as she was a teenager, the young actress already has a resume to make envy the biggest stars of Hollywood. After being screened by two cult blockbusters, she prepared the adaptation of “Nutcracker” to the sides of Keira Knightley and Helen Mirren

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